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Here are four ways to style a coffee table that will impress your potential buyers. (infograph)

Source: Architectural Digest | Clever

Arranging items on a coffee table is an art that can be easily mastered.  Experiment with the four ways in this infograph.  Ultimately it...

Ready to own a beautiful French Chateaux? 

 How to escape to a French Castle (infograph). Bargain or headache? A castle requires a large investment and a great deal of time to make them livable. Considered historic monuments. The French government will pay up to 40% of...

It's So Palm Beach

Joseph Publilones | Creators Syndicate

In a place where iconic names such as Mizner, Pulitzer and Gucci are aplenty, there is no shortage of design perspectives. The interior of any Palm Beach home is the perfect tableau for homeowners to show off thei...

Five Clever Small Bedroom Ideas from @dailydreamdecor. Small bedroom decorating is a challenge when trying to optimize the space. Great article with visuals plus tips and tricks for small #bedroomdesign.

  • Storage Under the Bed

  • Clothes Storage 

  • Using Mirrors


Is all your remodeling on the inside of your home?  Then you need this infograph! Here are six tried and true tips that will boost your curb appeal, make you feel mentally great and if you are selling your home, boost that visual appeal, make your home more competitive...

Empty rooms in a vacant home rarely motivate buyers.  It is estimated less than 8% of buyers can visualize what an empty room would look like with their furnishings and decor. Buyers are drawn to photos of homes that have been successfully staged.

Did you know checklists make us not only smarter but more systematic decision makers? They do this by getting the processes out of your head and documented.

A key factor of a great checklist is that it is not overly wordy.  It is concise and highlights critical steps -...

Mid-Century Modern (MCM) comes from the mid-1900s.  The characteristics are refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes, using new materials such as molded plastic, aluminum and plywood. Some of the more famous names who designed for this look include Saar...

When we think of neutral walls and accents, white and variations of white, comes to the mind.   The freshness and clean appeal of the color white promotes a restful effect when used as a tool in home staging.  

Hi are you new here?  Be sure to grab our super a...

Hi are you new here? Be sure to grab our super amazing free Staging Secrets for the Living Room guide here!

Before paper towels there were dishtowels to do the daily work necessary in the kitchen of cleaning, washing and drying. Home staging management takes a closer lo...

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Dreaming of a French Castle

December 30, 2019

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