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  • Home Staging is a design  "editing" and rearranging of a seller’s furnishings, or bringing in better items, to help prospective buyers imagine the best possible version of the property.

  • 90% of buyers look at homes found on the Internet

  • Sellers who spend $500 on staging recover about 343% of the cost when the home is sold (

  • Staged homes sell on average in 45 days, non-staged homes 102 days (Real Estate Staging Association)

  • It is estimated about 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home – 90% are not able to look past dirt, clutter and imperfections.

  • The average staging investment is between 1 and 3% of the home’s asking price, generating a return of 8 to 10% - a good investment.  (National Association of Realtors)

  • Two-thousand Realtors were surveyed in 2009 and said home staging provides 586% return on investmen (Home Gain Survey)

  • Staged homes spent 3% less time on the market thean non-staged homes (

  • 2011 Home Gain study shows the return on investment (ROI) home improvements:

872% ROI - Clean and declutter

572% ROI - Lighten & brighten

473% ROI - Landscaping

250% ROI - Painting interior

237% ROI - Kitchen update

172% ROI - Bathroom update
















Each home is unique with regard to the scope of work that needs to be completed for the best outcome.  Prices vary depending on different factors of each project.


The Consultation and Staging 


The consultation determines what your house needs to prepare your home for sale quickly and profitably. 




Walk and Talk Consultation 


Written Consultation


Occupied Staging


Vacant Staging Services  




The Bid Proposal


There is no charge for a bid proposal.


I will visit the property or review pictures, floor plan and room sizes; and do a survey of the staging needed/requested, and provide a proposal with 24 hours.


The bid can include the target date of when the house will go on the market, and list specific services such as staging fee, furniture rental, etc. 














Is your house saying to buyers “This Is My Next Home?"


Home staging is a well proven and economical benefit to Realtors and homeowners, because Home Stagers are professionals who can see what the Buyer sees.


"A staging investment is less than the first price reduction on your house."


Staging services will transform your home into a house that can be prepared to sell quickly and at top dollar.


When you work with me this is what you can expect: 


  • Selling and moving experience LESS stressful

  • Advising what  items  need  to  be addressed  in  order  to  properly prepare the house for sale

  • On a budget?  Directing you to where to invest dollars for the best return

  • Guiding and recommending choices from paint color, replacing or upgrading items to what should be packed up


Every property's location and layout is unique.  The staging approach will be different and specialized  to each house. 


"In today’s competitive market, staging is an investment to help your house sell quickly and profitably."


My commitment is to help maintain the value of the house by preparing it to be at its best.


Contact me today for a consultation!


Eileen V. Robinson

Palm Beaches Home Staging 

561 907 7705
























Staging Your Home






Staging Facts/Statistics
Staging Pricing


Home Staging in Palm Beach County - Fort Lauderdale - Miami 

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