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Does Your House Have Curb Appeal? The Curb Appeal Test

Impressing Buyers positively and immediately, is crucial because Buyers make a decision within "seven to ten seconds" of seeing a house.

Statistics tell us that 90% of houses are first found from pictures on the Internet. Before taking pictures and putting up the For Sale Sign - take this quick Curb Appeal Test to determine if your house is making that great first impression.

When taking this test, be sure to do two things. One is to step across the street and look at the front of the house from where a person will first see house from the sidewalk or street. Second, you want to examine the house closely as your walk toward the entry way.

  • Is the driveway clean and clear of any clutter?

  • Is the walkway leading to the house inviting?

  • Are the house numbers clearly visible?

  • Is the front door and entryway welcoming?

  • Are gutters clean and in good repair?

  • Does the grass look healthy and green?

  • Is the lawn without patches needing sod replacement?

  • Are shrubs neatly pruned?

  • Are trees skillfully trimmed?

  • Are there plantings in various colors to add depth and dimension?

  • Does the home’s exterior paint look fresh (no peeling, cracking or


  • Are distracting items such as toys, tools and hoses put away?

Answering "yes" to all of these questions means the house has passed the Curb Appeal Test.

Presentation is everything, make your house impressive with great curb appeal!

Learn how to stage a house to sell quickly and profitably.

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