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A Garden's Impact When Selling a House - 3 Big Staging Ideas

When buying a home, Buyers focus on the entry, the presentation of rooms and the views. Providing a garden focal point sets the stage for green ambiance that has a stronger emotional appeal than a neat lawn.

Garden focal points can impact the home’s sale by increasing revenue. Gardens areas need to be present at the entry, on the patio or balcony and in a backyard, giving the eye resting points to enjoy. Container gardens soften the effects of an all tile, wood or cement flooring. Plants, flowers and trees add a distinctive soothing effect that make Buyers feel a home is fresh and relaxing, a special retreat.

Add positive ambiance to a house, by emphasizing or incorporating visible designated garden areas when preparing a property for sale.

1. Container Gardening Clout

Containers come in all shapes and forms, but should be consistent in color when grouped together (all gray, all black, all white).The secret with container gardens is grouping. Whether you are grouping several containers on the ground or grouping a variety of flowers in a window box or on a bench.

  • A grouping should be in threes or fives with a variation in sizes of the plants - ornamental grasses can add height.

  • Appeal to the sense of smell - combine a blooming rose bush and thyme.

  • Soften the starkness of large tile, wood or cement floor areas using container gardens

  • Containers of bold colored blooming flowers or bright colored foliage add visual interest

  • One large tree about 4 to 6 feet high, adds a statement of restfulness and relaxation

Townhomes and condos may have a small entry way or balcony that can display a group of container plants and/or a small tree. If you don’t have the time to put together a DIY container garden; garden centers offer a variety of readymade container gardens.

2. Lawn Gardening Pivotal Points

Create a garden focal point to bring the lawn into focus, change a lawn from lackluster and just the same as other houses - to an organized garden area as a focal point. A garden focal point gives the eye a place to rest and allows other elements of the lawn, trees and shrubs, to become a pleasant backdrop.

  • A large tree with a bench, chairs or a hammock suggests living here is relaxing

  • Grouping flowering shrubs and bushes like roses, provides an inviting visual – and appeals to the sense of smell

  • Herb garden areas suggest a garden is pretty as well as useful – which can be an affirmative for eco conscious buyers

  • Garden focal points in the lawn area, should be large and stand out because of size, color or uniqueness (tree, sculpture, water)

3. Water Garden Power Sway

Water gardens, like swimming pools. are visual magnets that invite and hold attention. Garden pools give life to a garden area – with soothing sounds, visuals of slow pleasant surface movement and distinctive plants, such as beautiful water lilies and lotuses.

  • Adding a water garden in a container for patios, balconies and decks is a quick and easy way for presenting a pleasing view from a window

  • Place an arrangement of chairs or a bench by the garden pool – so Buyers can visualize the enjoyment of using the garden

  • Garden pools below ground level can provide a strong focal point in a lawn’s environment - when designed to look natural using trees and shrubs (“rock pimples” should either be dismantled or add more greenery so it is de-emphasized)

  • Keep the garden pool clean at all times (no leaves or weeds)

  • Furniture and sculptures by the garden pool are more effective when they are in neutral colors, such as beige, gray, white or black. The colors should not be competing with nature such as brightly painted sculptures or pottery (pack them away for the next home)

  • Black is one of the most compelling outdoor sculpture colors when complimented by water and green foliage

Astute placement of gardening elements can positively persuade buyers this is their dream house. Staging the outside of the house is a primary key to selling quickly, and curb appeal is the beginning of the positive process of selling at top dollar.

Learn how you can stage a house to sell quickly and profitably.

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