Money Maker - Home Staging to Impress

"6.9% is the average increase in selling price for a staged home versus a non-staged home."

With the popularity of real estate television shows like HGTV - buyers and realtors are aware of home staging's dramatic results in selling a home quicker and more profitably, a money maker that impresses.

In Florida many real estate agents will not list a house unless it has been staged by a professional - this is particularly true in housing developments and condos where the competition is stronger.

Staging is critical and it is important to have it done before the house's pictures go online. Buyers today first review house pictures online. When staged professionally, the online pictures can make a significant impact by impressing the buyer's visual emotions; and create the need for urgency to see the house personally.

Posted by Eileen V. Robinson

(additional sources: J.Dana, M.L.Turner)


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