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Trending - Bathroom for 2015

New chic looks are coming out in 2015 for more luxurious bathrooms, that are clean and contemporry, minimalist is the key word for these bathrooms. Bathrooms are becoming as stylish and being given just as much attention to details as the other rooms in a house.

Planning a new bathroom or upgrading your bathroom? Consider these five trends when planning or re-designing your bathrooms.

1. Quartz, marble or onyx counter tops (vs. granite.

2. Black glossy tiles (deep sensual tile colors to add luxury)

3. Open walk in showers

4. Choose the color Grey (instead of white or blue)

5. Freestanding bathtubs

Other trends for the bathroom include lighting. There will be an increase in the use of LEDs for not only general and task but as accent lighting. Under cabinet lighting will be used prominently, as well as interior cabinet lighting and lights in the shower are beginning to trend.

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