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Fantastic Master Bedroom Tips

In this post we are going to help you stage your master bedroom so it looks fantastic! You have read my article about the kitchen being the heart of the home, but know that the master bedroom is the most important bedroom when staging your house for sale. Remember that when selling your house, the master bedroom absolutely must appeal to buyers of both sexes, which means removing items that are gender-specific.

  • Cleaning and DeCluttering – it goes without saying every room in the house should be clean, and in the master bedroom every day the bed should be made, room dusted and cleaned. The master bedroom should also be de-cluttered before the house is photographed and remain that way for all showings; remove all personal photos, books and papers, the television, and workout equipment (all these items should be packed away for your move or removed from the buyers view putting them in drawers or storage)

  • Wall Color – use neutral colors of white, off white, beige, gray or light blue or green – the wall colors should be relaxing and welcoming. Use paints with an eggshell finish to reflect light (not flat paints), well lighted rooms are paramount to impressing buyers. Cover any dark or vibrant wall colors with neutrals. Buyers are thinking of how the bedroom will be a haven for them, they will see dark or bright colors as a distraction and unwelcoming because they are personal choices of the seller.

  • Pillow Arrangements – when you are decorating your bed, a good rule for showcasing the arrangement of pillows on a full/queen bed is starting with two Euro, then two standard and one or two accent pillow(s). For a king size bed the rule is three Euro, then two king, next two standard and one or two accent pillows.

  • Linens for the Bedroom – Colors for the bed sheets, bedspread or duvet and pillows should match or compliment the wall color. Be sure the box springs are not showing by covering them with a bed skirt. Always use new sheets and pillowcase covers. The number one choice is white sheets and pillowcases, because no matter the room lighting they come off bright and fresh; add color with accent pillows and a throw.

  • Headboard Fashion - adding a headboard is important because they often support head and back cushions and give a fashionable elegant look to the room. Though headboards can be more design than a working piece of furniture, for example a re-purposed fireplace, mirrored double doors, or picture gallery make interesting faux headboards for drama and interest.

  • Closet Spaciousness – the closets should only be one third to one half full, which means all other items must be removed and packed for your move to your new home. Buyers want to see there is room for their things – if your closets are cram full of items and overflowing, buyers will think there is not enough room for their stuff.

  • Furniture Placement – many master bedrooms emphasize the cozy look which often limits movement in the room. It is important to have plenty of walking space for buyers entering the room and for them to easily be able to walk up to the bedroom windows. The only pieces of furniture this room needs is the bed, headboard, bedside tables, a lamp on each table and a dresser (store all other pieces for moving to the new home). Adding a full-length mirror can make the room seem larger and light. Or, if you have a large master bedroom, add one or two chairs with a small table with a lamp off to one side (making sure you still have ample space to move around these extra pieces of furniture).

  • Lighting Absolutes – each lamp should have a 100 watt bulb for a brighter light for buyers to see the room – save the low lights for personal times – selling is the time to make every corner of this room shine. Minimal window treatments are best, remove the “lord of the manor” look of heavy drapes and valences, store them for your next home. Only use simple blinds or shutters; opening them for maximum light, so buyers can see the views from the windows.

  • Featured Accessories – Add a few pictures (hang single pictures at eye level, which is an average of 5’8” or 5’10” – not head level); add greenery with a plant or small tree which not only keeps the air fresher, but softens the room and makes it appear more welcoming.

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Posted by Eileen V. Robinson - CEO of Palm Beaches Home Staging located in south Florida. See more about Eileen's bio on LinkedIn

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