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Eye Candy: Curb Appeal Tips When Selling A House

When staging a house for sale, the inside is not the only important area; the front of the house needs great eye candy staging to give buyers a positive impression. Buyers make a decision within the first ten seconds of seeing the front of the house – as to whether they are going to like the house or not.

A house is competing with many other homes and must be staged both inside and outside - because the house will only get one first impression. Follow these tips to ensure a house has eye candy curb appeal.

  • Front Door – the front door should either be new or freshly painted. A bright color gives a welcoming look. Remove all dust and cobwebs around door. Replace the threshold if it is looking warn. Add symmetry by placing plantings in containers on either side of the door

  • Hardware and Lighting – add a new door knocker and door handle, for additional an impressive impact replace outside light scones with larger trendy lights.

  • House Numbers and the Mailbox – replace small house numbers with large clearly visible numbers that can quickly and easily be seen from the street – the mailbox should be new or freshly painted with easy to read numbers

  • Windows – step back and look at all the windows facing the street, are they sparkling clean - do they have the same consistent look (shades, or curtains), are they the same color (white or neutral), do they match the style of the home

  • Porch areas – need to be clean, no spots on walls or floors, add outside furniture if there is room (two chairs and a table), freshen a porch railing with either paint or a new railing.

  • Walkways, Driveways and the Garage – repair any cracks and remove any stains or spots, toys and sports equipment should be stored out of sight. The garage door should be painted a neutral color that matches or compliments the exterior walls, and should be kept closed while house is on the market

  • Roof and Rain Gutters – repair and power wash the roof, the gutters should be clear of debris and in good repair

  • Exterior Walls – should be cleaned or recently painted, remove all dust and cobwebs, repair any damaged areas, wall colors should be neutral to appeal to maximum buyers

  • Landscaping – soften edges of planters, walkways and driveways with plants, matching plantings to the style of your house. Use a layered or tiered plantings in the yard such as trees and high shrubs in the back, grasses and lower shrubs in the middle and perennials and dwarf shrubs toward the front

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Posted by Eileen Robinson - Palm Beaches Home Staging (www.linkedin/in/eileenrobinson)

Picture Source: Boca Raton residence - Palm Beaches Living

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