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Home Staging Tip for Clutter

One of the best ways to alleviate clutter, other than the "great purging" many people practice every once in a while (when they get around to it) - is always having a place for everything new you bring into the house.

Feeling like your home is overwhelming you with "stuff" already? While practicing the above tip each time you bring in a new item - check out the strategies below for removing the clutter step by step.

When alleviating the clutter that has accumulated so far, start with a few pieces and practice the following ideas to begin de-cluttering your home immediately:

1. Find a special place for the item

2. Throw out the item

2. Give the item to a charity

3. Consign the item at your local consignment store

4. Sell your item on Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon

5. Repurpose the item to a family member, friend or neighbor who would appreciate the item

You will note I did not recommend storing items, that makes the clutter increase. The only exception is if you are saving an item for a family member or friend and they are unable to take the item immediately. However, do not store/keep it more than one year.

When storing a piece let the person you are holding it for know about your one year limit because you are on a clutter free plan. Stick to these strategies and you will not only see major improvement in reducing clutter, you will find you are mentally and physically feeling better as the stress of maintaining the clutter is leaving lifted from your shoulders.

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