Chess Staging Power

Chess sets in staging are not just games, but can provide a special ambiance that is art; art that appears in the form of a game.

A chess set should be staged to best advantage for emphasizing not only the playing of the game, but to be a statement of an art piece – that helps enhance a room or area of a house.

Rooms that may benefit from the display of a chess set include:

1. Family Room

2. Library

3. Side area of a Living Room

4. Child's Room

5. Alcove

The arrangement should be set up to look as though the player's just took a break and are returning at any moment. Here are three possible chess arrangements:

1. The opening position where all the pieces are on the board

2. The checkmate position - displaying many pieces on the board

3. The famous position of an chess champion (e.g., Judit Polgár) - using several pieces on the board

Chess sets should reflect the style of the room and/or house, not be so interesting that they distract a buyer, but add to the ambiance of that area of the house. Here are a few recommended types of chess board and pieces for displaying when staging:

  • Wood – traditional

  • Glass - modern, minimalist

  • Metal/Unusual Materials – interesting figurines

  • Themed – animals, ships, Elizabethan

  • 3-D – modern, minimalist

  • Garden – pavers and large pieces for a Secret Garden look

Setting up a chess board with an interesting arrangement that is ready to play, can help emphasize the flexibility of a room. The object when staging with chess boards and pieces is to enrich an area and mirror a house’s overall value.


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