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8 Outdoor Children Playscape Staging Tips

Few people would disagree that playing outside makes most children healthier and happier; and some would even say smarter. Despite the allure of electronics, children still enjoy backyard fun in the pool, playing basketball and other activities. Single family homes often have some type of outdoor playscape spaces for children that will need to be home staged.

While all outdoor living areas should be home staged for outdoor living-style appeal, the decision of whether to remove all evidence of a playscape, or stage this area remains a personal decision of the seller with the help of their Realtor’s input.

It must be first determined if a playscape adds value to a home when selling, and if it does it must be home staged.

When deciding whether to keep the outdoor playscape, here are two reasons for staging this area:

  • You increase the impression of a yard’s flexibility

  • Playscapes can play a role in providing additional interest to the yard area

Learning to turn these playscapes into an advantage can help to add to a house’s value. Here are eight ways to make that outdoor playscape appeal to as many buyers as possible and promote positive feelings from buyers.

  • Remove multiple small outdoor toys – store them in neat bins to declutter the area

  • Store or sell items like large swing sets, jungle gyms or skateboard ramps that may be taking take up too much of the space

  • Enhance the advantages of play items that are permanent such as a built-in sandbox, playhouse or basketball area by accessorizing (e.g., shovels and pails, slides, an open bag of basketballs ready to play)

  • Highlight playscape items that appeal to fun for children of multiple ages, like a treehouse or volleyball area (Placing flowering plants by a treehouse or in a treehouse window. Marking the area for volleyball play with fresh neat sand)

  • Instead of a large swing set, opt for one swing like the round swing

  • Place plants that increase butterfly visits, near the playscape area with a garden bench for viewing the butterflies

  • Set up a tent to add to the atmosphere of adventure or to be used as a private quiet area

  • Pools can be a positive, but some Buyer’s may still be concerned. If you have children’s safety features such as a fence or an underwater motion safety alarm; be sure they are on display or listed in the house’s feature sheet

Buyers want to see the benefits of every aspect of a house, including the yard areas. Staging the yard areas, gives potential buyer’s a visual of the outdoor life-style they and their families could enjoy when they buy this house.

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