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Create Elegance with Fresh Flowers

Flowers win most people's attention, especially a vase of fresh flowers that you may put out in one of the rooms that is being home staged for photographing and showing.

Fresh flowers, like white flowers in a vase add an elegant touch when when home staging.

Cut flowers and live plants, add life to a home. Especially when they are fresh flowers or vibrant healthy plants. Using cut flowers or plants for staging, makes a room inviting and adds warmth.

When choosing a bouquet of cut flowers having them all in one color adds that touch of sophistication, and keeps from being a distraction, yet adds value to the look of the room. The buyers should not be distracted by a riotous profusion of colors, keep it simple and minimalist but stylish.

Rule for Using Cut Flowers: They must have fresh water every day - yes, every day. Otherwise the water becomes stale and can smell. Remove dropping blooms and if the flowers are dropping a lot of blooms - remove and either replace with another fresh bouquet, or don't use fresh flowers except for when the house is being photographed.

Thoughts on the use of silk flowers and/or trees: Never use silk flowers or plants they can and ofter do make a house look dated. However, if a silk flower or plant makes a room more appealing, use them sparingly, one flower arrangement or one small tree (in the whole house). Make sure the silk flowers and leaves are completly dust free at all times.

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