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The Case of the Purple Walls: Avoiding Wall Colors that May Delay the Sale of a House

When the price is correct, but the wall colors are not, the wrong color choices can diminish the opportunities for a successful sale of a house.

In this case study, the house was priced correctly, but the sellers were adamant that the prominent purple walls in their living room remain purple.

The reason the sellers were so inflexible about this wall color, was that they felt it helped to show off to best advantage their furnishings and art work. They further reasoned that the walls color made a striking and memorable statement to all who entered the house.

The sellers were correct that the purple walls showed off their personal furnishings and accessories and made a striking and memorable statement. However the wall color was so dominate it detracted from the buyer focusing on the house as a whole.After several buyers viewed the house with no offers, the sellers were wondering why there was a lack of interest in buying the house.

The written feedback was of little help, as it never mentioned the wall, only that it was a nice house, good floor plan, but buyers were not interested..... Read more here



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