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Dishtowels, Dishcloths, Potholders Home Staging Management

Before paper towels there were dishtowels to do the daily work necessary in the kitchen of cleaning, washing and drying. Home staging management takes a closer look at the ways we utilize dishcloths, dishtowels and potholders when staging a home.


Today, we see dishtowels not only as a practical item, but as a display item. This is also true of dishcloths and potholders.

Many kitchen towels have beautiful and unusual designs, and may even match pot holders and kitchen window designs.

Quiet often you see dishtowels hanging from the range or possibly on a side hook , over the sink or having their own special towel bar.

When staging your kitchen, the rules about dishtowels, dishcloths and potholders is:

  1. They should not be on display (no matter how beautiful they are). Why? Because the goal of selling a house is to appeal to multiple buyers. You may have found the most beautiful dishtowels, dishcloths and potholders with gorgeous designs that match your kitchen. The issue is that it you taste - the owners taste – a buyer may have different design ideas and seeing an owner’s taste, does not always translate to a buyer's vision of the kitchen as their kitchen - only as the home owner’s kitchen.

  2. Dishcloths, though practical and more environmentally friendly - are not appealing as a scrunched up wet rag with bacteria build up that may be exuding a smell (you have forgotten) that is a prominent kitchen odor. Do not pile up clean dishcloths, place them in a drawer or cabinet; and above all if they are wet, either wash and dry or remove them completely preferably disposing of them.

  3. Potholders should be clean, no stains or burned spots; and neatly stacked out of sight, viewed only when a drawer or cabinet is opened.

The main rule about dishtowels, dishcloths and potholders: they should be out of immediate sight of the buyer when viewing the kitchen – tucked away in drawers or cabinets (clean and neatly stacked – if they are worn out looking or frayed and you want to save them, pack them away for your next home).

The significance of dishtowel cleanliness: a home owner reluctant to replace, clean and organize these items, may be viewed by buyers as lazy. This makes buyers wonder what else the home owner did not take care of in the house - if a simple dishtowel, dishcloth or potholders are not clean and well kept.

Exception: dishtowels being used as a kitchen accent are best neatly rolled up and placed in a basked on a counter (for one of the three items displayed on the counter)

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