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5 Hot White Tips for Home Staging Using the Color White

When we think of neutral walls and accents, white and variations of white, comes to the mind. The freshness and clean appeal of the color white promotes a restful effect when used as a tool in home staging.

Here are 5 tips for using white for home staging:

  1. Paint the walls white. Though walls with color can be appealing with your décor, the object is not to distract buyers with your decor and background color, but to enhance the positives of the home. White or variations of white walls work well to provide relaxing and inviting rooms. A background that does not shout “look at me” is important when staging elements in the home, when these elements are often a variety of colors.

  2. Master Bedroom white linens for luxurious. One of the most luxurious colors is the use of white linens (pillow covers, sheets, duvet, bedspread) and accenting with colors in pillows, throws, lamps and other accessories. Review what is trending in colors for maximum eye appeal when using accessories for accent colors.

  3. Nothing says “spa” like white in the bathrooms. Bathrooms should be presented as a spa like environment, because it invites feeling of relaxation. The importance of using white and fluffy towels – is that it maintains the look associated with luxury and appeals to the fresh clean spa vision. White towels should not look flat or dull, as though they have been through the washer and dryer several times. Instead by new towels for maximizing the white towel presentation look. If you have a shower curtain, make sure it is white too as well as the shower rod (avoid rugs in this area while showing a house).

  4. Classic white in the kitchen. One of the most popular looks that appeal to buyers. The main reason is white not only gives small kitchen a larger look, but white also creates and elegant feel that appeals to many buyers. If you have a dark kitchen design that is older than five years, consider the following tips: painting or replacing the cabinets to white or a white wash, change appliances to white or stainless steel (stainless steel is shiny and reflects well in a white kitchen), change the floor to a white or white mixed with gray.

  5. Decorative white vignettes. Vignettes not only give a lived-in ambiance to a home, but when white is used it adds a trendy look. Choose accessories such as vases, books, plants, baskets and other decorative items for the vignette, focusing on the use of the color white and emphasizing a striking color accent. A vignette that emphasizes white, but has some color is appealing to buyers as it emulates the classic magazine-look.

White can be an excellent color to add elegance and subtle positive emotional reactions from buyers. However, remember to be true to the character of your house. Know your market trends and if you are living in a neighborhood that favors darker rich wood kitchens – forgo the white look, unless your home staging consultant advises you that the current look is changing in your home market. If the popular look is moving to a lighter look, you can use white with confidence.

For more ideas about using the color white when home staging see our post on Staging With the Color White.

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