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6 Fun Facts About Home Staging

Every house will sell eventually, but home staging has proven to speed up the selling process. Not only are the days on the market less when a house is staged, often the house will sell for a higher amount after being staged.

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Why? Research shows ONLY 7% of your possible buyers can visualize the potential of a house. Having your house staged increases a buyers vision of your house's potential - and often fast tracks the selling process.

1. Home staging is all about marketing – staging a home puts you ahead of your competition. Competition can be homes in your neighborhood and/or new housing down the street. Using home staging, you increase your home's online photos appeal to a broader base of buyers. To clinch a sale you must first motivate buyers by marketing house pictures that inspire and motivate buyers to need to see your house in person.

2. Staged homes emphasize a home's architectural details and best assets. Staging a house, drawing the buyer's eye to the best assets of a house, often helps significantly reduce the time the house is on the market. Showing a house's best points and design make home staging a powerful tool for aiding sellers in getting their house sold, not only faster but sometimes for more money.

3. Outstanding photos of a staged house. Photos of a staged home stand out to buyers searching online for their next home. When photo scenes are well organized, the pictures engage buyers and can put a home ahead of the competition. Home buyers expect to see organized staged homes from watching tv programs. Magazines and other online sources also influence what home buyers expect to see in a home when they are searching online.

4. Investing in staging is worthwhile. Your investment in home staging may average 1 to 3%, which is tax deductible. Home owners can expect home staging to generate a ROI (return on investment) of 8 to 10%. (statistics source: National Association of Realtors) The average home staging prices start around $200 to $300 - the price varies depending on where you live.

5. Selling a staged home faster! Who doesn’t want to sell their home faster and move on to their next house? When preparing to sell a house, stage your house first, second take the photos and third and only then list the house. Statistics have shown houses that have been staged average 42 days on the market vs. non staged homes that can average 142 days on the market.

6. Kitchens the most important room. Kitchens are the number one room that sells a house. Though all other rooms and the yard are important, the kitchen must be outstanding in the buyers eyes. Read our blog about the five most important tips to make your kitchen look fantastic!

Today's home sellers incorporate home staging to make their house stand out. You always want your house to show better than the comparable competition. Finding a home stager is easy. Ask for a home stager recommendation when you contact your real estate agent. Your neighbors or friends also may have a recommendation. Get expert home staging help to market your house today!


Eileen Robinson is a home staging authority who enjoys helping sellers and real estate agents acquire the tools to enhance the value of a home using home staging proven techniques. Eileen is a licensed real estate consultant in Florida, with Premiere Realty LLC.

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