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9 Home Staging Tools That'll Save You Time and Money

You are ready to sell your house. Now all you need are tools to begin the staging process. These nine tools will save you time and money. Utilizing the tools to stage your house increases the house's best points. Updating and fixing items affects the house's appeal to buyers.

Houses over five years often need some updating as well. Check the list below to be sure you have these recommended tools. Start your home staging off right by preparing for updating that will help sell your house.

Looking for an incentive to update and get your house ready for sale? The return on investment when home staging can help get you the best price possible for the house. Also, these easy updates helps to sell the house faster.

Buyers are looking for a move-in ready house. When you take the time to make sure the house looks well maintained, buyers can see themselves in the house.

Here are nine tools home stagers use, that may be helpful to you also.

1. Contractor-grade tape measure. For accuracy in measuring large furniture that may need to be re-arranged a good tape measure is a must. For example to have a better flow pattern for people to walk around in a room you may need to move the furniture. Furniture moving is also needed for moving pieces away from the wall. A good tape measure is necessary to do this successfully.

2. Steam Iron. Over time there are wrinkles in the bedding, curtains, slipcovers and fabric furnishings. A steam iron can remove wrinkles, giving fabrics a fresh new look.

3. Auto-leveling interior line laser / stud sensor. After you paint a wall or walls, you may find yourself wanting to rearrange pictures and mirrors. It is important that pictures and mirrors are level when hanging on a wall. Buyers can find it distracting by the awkward hanging of art and mirrors. Make sure pictures are at eye level. When hanging heavy art work or mirrors a stud sensor is important to be sure the art or mirrors are secure on the wall.

4. Furniture lifter and slides. You may find you are moving out extra pieces of furniture to have a better walking flow in a room. Lifters and sliders make it much it easier to move heavy furniture around a room or out of a house when storing.

5. Furniture Repair Kit. Over time furnishings may need small repairs for dents, touch ups or scratches that. An all-inclusive furniture repair kit will provide the items needed for quick repairs. Because buyers are quick to notice how sellers take care of a home and the furnishings. Buyers can become distracted from a house's positives by furnishings needing repair.

6. Multi-purpose tool for paint removal – the cheapest way to freshen up a home is to paint. When painting, switch plates and other areas may need to have excess paint removed using a multipurpose tool that can do paint removal. The paint removal tool eliminates excess paint giving a room a neater cleaner look.

7. Wire brush for cleaning – toothbrushes are fine for small areas of cleaning. Sometimes you need to have a more powerful tool for heavy duty jobs. Wire brushes are better at removing rust spots and hard water stains.

8. Plastic Ties – these are ideal for securing wires, fabric and other objects. Unorganized wires can be distracting. Fabric that is hanging too low or unevenly can also be corrected with plastic ties. Once I even used a plastic tie to temporarily jury rig a piece that kept coming apart from the basket till I could get the part ordered (worked like a charm!)

8. Color Wheel. Magazines and tv programs emphasize the beauty of bold colored walls. Buyers rarely share the same taste as the seller, preferring more neutral colored walls. Buyers can more easily visualize their furnishings with neutral colored walls. Whether you are re-painting a room to make it fresher looking for covering up a bold color wall, a color wheel is a must.

These nine tools are a helpful start when getting your house ready to sell. You may not need all these tools, but having these nine tools on hand can make prepping your house for sale easier. Prepping with these tools starts the home staging off on a positive direction for a quicker sale.


Eileen Robinson is a home staging authority who enjoys helping sellers and real estate agents acquire the tools to enhance the value of a home using home staging. Eileen is a licensed real estate consultant in Florida, with Premiere Realty LLC.

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