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Move in Ready Luxury Trend

Luxury Tip: With luxury homes in the higher price points, buyers buy homes totally staged - this includes bedding and more. The reason is that these buyers want homes for either renting or to be move in ready.

Move in ready is not just for luxury homes, more and more buyers are looking for homes that have not only kept up on maintenance, but need minimal if any upgrades so that they can move in as soon as the home is closed.

You can help your home sellers by encouraging to understand that move in ready is not just a trend, but a strong incentive to selling a home faster and for top dollar. Be sure to explain what upgrades (home improvements) can realistically return on investment in order to appeal to serious buyers today. Items such as crown moulding and appealing landscaping are very popular with home buyers.

Source: Freshome

The rule of thumb is do not worry about the return on investment (ROI) when doing upgrades on a house, unless you plan on selling a house in five years or less. Trends change and what was wildly popular five years ago may be totally different after five years. So if you want to do upgrades that you plan to live with beyond five years, you don't need to consider ROI.


Buyers favor houses that offer the trending popular amenities and houses that appear to need little if any upgrades.

Focus on keeping the maintenance current on the home and having the move in ready look buyers prefer.

Eileen Robinson is a property presentation authority who enjoys helping sellers and real estate agents acquire the tools to enhance the value of a home using home proven staging techniques. Eileen is a Florida licensed real estate agent in south Florida.

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