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Seven Dining Room Staging Tips

When staging the dining room, use these seven staging tips:

  • For a neater stylish look do not add cutlery or table linens to your dining table

  • Add color and interest by using fruit or vegetables in a bowl on the table. An example would be to use a group of yellow lemons, people are drawn to the warmth and cheerfulness of fresh fruit or vegetables

  • Instead of fresh flowers, add three bowls down the center of the table

  • Remove dining room furniture that blocks walkways, makes the dining room appear small, or if a piece of furniture makes it difficult to pull out a chair for sitting down

  • Remove the extra table leaves to make the area look larger

  • Use fewer dining chairs around the table Place extra dining room chairs on each side of a buffet, or place a slender rectangle table against the wall with a chair on either side. Another option for extra chairs is to use them in a different room

  • Be sure there is lots of light, open the window treatments and turn on the lights if more light is needed


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