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Home Staging Strategies



Become a Seller, Not a Dweller

  • The Seller must become disassociated with the home

  • The house becomes a commodity to be sold, and not a "home"

  • Depersonalize the home (Buyers want to mentally personalize a house - imagining their living in the house when it becomes their home)


Clean and Declutter

  • Buyers want to purchase a move-in ready house (a house that is not clean implies deferred maintenance)

  • A Buyer is interested in square footage (clean clutter - create the impression of more space)

  • Let the light in - Buyers are drawn to open airy spaces


Appeal to Many Buyers

  • Use neutral tones throughout the home

  • Make minor repairs so that the home doesn't appear outdated


Can't See It?  Then You Can't Sell It

  • Curb Appeal is everything - it is the first impression a Buyer sees before entering the house

  • Look at the house from the curb - can you see it?

  • Trim, remove and replace shrubs and trees hiding the home


Maximize the House's Strong Points, Minimize Shortcomings

  • Showcase focal points such as wood or tile floors, great views

  • Divert attention away from less attractive features by creating alternative interest



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