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Freshen Up Your Kitchen When You Are Ready to Sell

The kitchen can make or break a home sale! Home staging is crucial when presenting your home's kitchen.

Sparkling and updated is how your kitchen should appear to potential home buyers. De-cluttering and spotless cleaning are still the number one overall home improvement for return on investment.

Home sellers can expect a 66% return on investment by freshening the kitchen so it is bright, updated, neutral and clean to make the best first impression (source: Home Gain)

After you have cleaned (from the ceiling to the baseboards) and de-cluttered; use these 17 tips to prepare your kitchen for a powerful positive impression on potential buyers or contact us for a consultation/bid to help you.

  • Back splash tiles that may be broken or stained should be replaced and regrounted (remove any that are chipped or cracked and replace with matching tiles)

  • Stove Hood is something you should consider replacing - there is nothing like a shiny new hood (Buyers will find it of more value than the cost you paid to replace it) - if you don't want to replace it, be sure to thoroughly degrease and remove all grim

  • Counter tops are the best place to invest your money and immediately show the greatest impact not just on appearance, but on the purchase price

  • Is the color of the counter tops a popular one from the past, e.g., Harvest Gold? Then you will want to change the counter to what homes are currently showing such as granite, or a neutral laminate or tiles

  • Once de-cluttered and cleaned the only items that should be out (if they are scrupulously clean and no spots or staining) can be a coffee pot, toaster oven, canisters or a displayed cookbook (maximum of three items only)

  • Cabinets should look similar to other houses in your neighborhood, if they are looking older either replace completely, or replace their fronts, or paint them

  • Hardware needs to be all the same color and finish, e.g., silver tones or gold tones, for example all chrome or all nickel (do not mix metal colors or tones)

  • Walls should be painted neutral colors, remove wall paper and wall borders so buyers are not distracted by your decorating style

  • Lighting should be free of color and decorating motifs, this includes hanging lamps, chandeliers or wall sconces, e.g., no colored borders on edges, no animal figures, or abstract motifs

  • Floors also have a big impact on a kitchen's perceived value, be sure if the flooring is worn or outdated it is replaced, hardwood floors have been stripped and resealed, and any damaged tiles have been replaced/re grouted

  • Large Appliances attract attention, for example clear all artwork, magnets and photos from the refrigerator - stoves and ovens should be spotless and not have any dishtowels displayed on them (remember buyers may open the oven to see how well you maintain the interior)

  • Small Appliances should be stored in cabinets not sit on counter tops

  • Windows should be clear of any items or plants, there should be no curtains, valences or shades this is to allow maximum light to come in the kitchen (your personal items and fabric choices are personal and can district a buyers attention)

  • Sinks should be clear of any dishes (even clean ones), cleaning products, cleaning clothes or sponges (store them neatly under the sink)

  • Trashcans should not be out in the open, and they should be empty and cleaned out before buyers come to look at your house (place under the sink, in a closet or under the counter cupboard)

  • Hanging Racks for Pots, Knife Blocks or Spice Racks should not be out, you need to take down the pots so they do not appear as a awkward curtain that blocks the view of your kitchen, knives should be packed or put in drawers and spice racks unless brand new and shiny can look worn and used - not an impression you want buyers to focus on

  • Space and Roominess is important to buyers, make sure your kitchen drawers, cabinets, pantry, closets and the inside of your refrigerators, are no more than half or 1/3 full - so they give the feeling of plenty of space (pack away all items you do not need daily, after all you are moving)

  • Kitchen mats or carpets should be removed and not be a visual distraction when buyers are looking at the kitchen

  • Color with Accessories, can be affectively and quickly created with a vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of lemons or oranges placed on the island or kitchen table

When investing the time to stage your kitchen, remember the way your kitchen looks and the order which it is in - is one of the biggest factors for buyers when they are deciding to purchase a house.

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